Our Approach to Selling Real Estate

We are led by marketing and driven by sales. Our comprehensive marketing strategies will emphasize your properties features and benefits, to an active audience targeted for the assessed market.

We will manage the complexities of the selling process, analyze your properties potential, and provide a marketable solution customized for your listing.

Real estate's selling processes and marketable solutions are dependent on the type of property being listed. The requirements for a family farm with a water well and septic system, differs from an apartment or townhouse managed by a condominium.

Our approach to market is augmented by the completion of an inspection and current Real Property Report. Inspections can identify deficiencies which could be remedied, making your real estate more desirable. A current Real Property Report delineates boundaries and improvements, if any, and demonstrates Municipal Compliance with related land use bylaws, making your assets more saleable.

Residential properties, including rural, require measurement and a Comparative Market Analysis before listing.

Using the regulated Residential Measurement Standard, we ensure the size of your residence is comparable and can be marketed amongst similar homes on the market. A company certified in RMS will conduct measurement and calculate results.

Your home's marketability is enhanced with a CMA, to conclude on market price and showcase it among comparable listings. We will seek similar properties currently on the market, to compare features and benefits, amongst which we determine how best to position your home's potential. 

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